Volunteer for Plaid Hat Games!

The Plaid Hat Corps is a street team of volunteers who hold events in their area and who demo PHG games at events where Plaid Hat Games has an official presence.

If you are a big fan of Plaid Hat Games and are motivated to spread the fun to others, joining the Plaid Hat Corps could be a good partnership for both you and Plaid Hat Games.

If you're not already registered, click here to register for the Plaid Hat Corps.

There are four main ways for Plaid Hat Corps volunteers to get involved:

  • Host Demo Events: Host a demo of a Plaid Hat Games game at an official PHG retailer (they can register if they're not one already) and receive a $10 credit to the PHG.com store.
  • Host a Tournament: Host a tournament of one of our games at an official PHG retailer (they can register if they're not one already) and receive a $10 credit to the PHG.com store, $20 if there are 8 participants or more.
  • Volutneer at a Convention: Read below for upcoming convention opportunities. Compensation could vary by event.
  • Playtest: Join a playtest team and contribute to the creation of Plaid Hat games by helping us see our designs in action.

We are looking for volunteers for our upcoming conventions. If you love our games and would like to be a part of our crew, sign up to be a convention volunteer!

Don't worry, it's easy! All you have to do is sign up as a Plaid Hat Corps member, then apply for a specific event.

We are currently looking for volunteers for the following conventions:

There are currently no events currently open to volunteer applications.

What's in it for me, you ask? Don't worry, we got you covered! Plaid Hat likes to treat its crew well. Each person that volunteers will receive the following perks:

Volunteer for four 4-hour shifts (16 hours total) and you will receive:

  • Convention Badge for the entire duration of the convention
  • 1 Plaid Hat!
  • 4 Plaid Hat t-shirts (you will be required to wear while demoing)
  • An invite to any Plaid Hat Games private events!
  • $100 credit to the PlaidHatGames.com store

Convention volunteers are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and food during the convention. Once your volunteer application has been approved, we will allow you to sign up for the shifts of your choice. This will be first come first serve, so the sooner you apply the sooner you will be able to select the times you will be working.

After we have viewed your submission, we will determine what game you will be demoing. Some of the games that you will be demoing at cons have yet to be released. If you have been selected to demo a not-yet released game we will provide with the rules, video explanation, or an early copy of the game for you to learn how to play.

All volunteers prior to each convention will receive a convention itinerary. This will let volunteers know where they are expected to be throughout the convention. Each convention will begin with a Plaid Hat Corp meeting in which all volunteers will be expected to attend. There volunteers will receive their badges for the event as well as any last minute instructions.

If you would like to volunteer to demo our games at any conventions taking place in your area that are not listed above, let us know. We may be able to work with you in order to have a presence at your local convention.

Thanks for being interested in becoming a Plaid Hat Games volunteer. We have been fortunate enough to see our little company grow and grow over the years. It is people like you that have helped get where we are and it is people like you that will help us rise even further!

From everyone at Plaid Hat Games thanks a ton!