PHG Event: Happy New Year Tournament!

When: 11:00 am, Saturday, February 4, 2017
Central Standard Time

Generacion X
Carranza 25, 28004 Madrid

I Torneo Ashes Oficial del Año!

• Torneo a 3/4 rondas de 50 min. (según participantes)

• Construido (Todas las ampliaciones disponibles, SIN PROMOS)

• Permitido cambiar la mano inicial entre partidas, pero obligatorio jugar el mismo Phoenixborn y set de dados durante todo el torneo.

• Los jugadores deberán usar sus propias cartas y dados oficiales de Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborns. (Solo esta permitido la proxy de la "Enchanted violinist" acorde con la última errata publicada al respecto:

Se seguirán las reglas de torneo oficiales:

y las ultimas FAQs oficiales:


Ist Ashes Tournament of the 2017!

• Tournament will consist of 3/4 matches with a time limit of 50 minutes each. (depends of number of participants)

• Players may use either a pre-constructed or custom-built deck. (from all available cards, Phoenixborn promos are NOT allowed)

• Players may change their First Fives before each match but MUST use the same deck and dice for all 3 matches.

• Players must provide their own Official Ashes deck and dice.(Print and Play just allowed for Enchanted violinist according to card errata:

Tournament will follow the official Tournament rules:

And the last applicable FAQs:


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