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Plaid Hat Games is a hobby gaming company founded by game designer Colby Dauch. At Plaid Hat Games we not only want to make fun and engaging games, we want to make some good friends while doing it. Our goal as a game company is to make games you love to play, and to support the communities that form around our games. We have a community of players that join us on our forums and we have a weekly podcast that gives insight into who we are and what we are doing as a company.

A Great Game

As a company we have a vision for what we think makes a great game. I want to share that with you.

  1. A great game is fun.
  2. A great game creates an opportunity for you to make interesting, engaging, and challenging decisions that affect the outcome of the game in your favor.
  3. A great game allows you to directly engage the other players at the table.
  4. A great game is thematic (It is our belief that games should tell stories. They should draw players into their exciting worlds and put them in adventurous roles).
  5. A great game is unique. (We realize that unique might be in the eye of the beholder, but we like to believe that we are bringing something fresh to the table with each of our games.)
  6. A great game is pretty. (And by pretty, we mean it should look like something that excites you and makes you want to play it.)

Who We Are

Plaid Hat Games is made up of a team of muscle-bound hunks that impress everyone at parties with their wits, charm and good looks.

Colby DauchColby Dauch is plagued with an extreme case of Attention Deficit Disorder and he has been using that excuse as a crutch for his entire life. Colby drinks way too much Dr. Pepper, he's overly critical of his closest friends, he wears a red and black plaid hat for God only knows why, and he absolutely LOVES games! Colby is the owner and chief game designer at Plaid Hat Games. Before designing Summoner Wars and founding Plaid Hat Games he did design work on Heroscape and Battleship Galaxies.

Mr Bistro Mr. Bistro is the heart of Plaid Hat Games, meaning he's red, full of blood, and makes a mess if you squeeze him. As a small child, Bistro's mother refused to let him play those demonic video game machines, so he turned to board games as means of compensation. He's been tragically uncool ever since. Mr. Bistro has playtested countless game products over the years, and has a few game credits to his name. His career really didn't take off until he met notoriously bad businessman Colby Dauch, thus allowing his worst ideas to be unleashed upon the world. In addition to Dungeon Run, be on the lookout for such future hits as Hot Dog City: Battle for the Chili Wieners, Cripes! Look at the Pipes, and of course his magnum opus, Poopin' Joey.

Jerry HawthorneJerry Hawthorne simply refuses to grow up or, more accurately stated, refuses to believe he's already grown up. Regardless, he spends his ridiculously limited free time begging his family to play games he's created from various household items, chewing gum, and choice bits fiendishly liberated from from his kid's toy-boxes. Jerry loves dice, and embraces luck even if it doesn't always embrace him back. Jerry designed Mice & Mystics for Plaid Hat Games and has done design work on games such as Heroscape and Battleship Galaxies.

Dave Richards A graphic designer for about twelve years, David Richards finds soul satiating comfort through the wanton torment of cute, tiny pixels. When he isn't preaching against the use of heinous fonts, such as Comic Sans and Papyrus, you'll find him sobbing heavily beneath his computer desk whenever Plaid Hat Games' fans (aka, "Dougs") give credit to the illustrators for his graphic design prowess. A fan of all things geek, he became truly interested in boardgames when he was introduced to the Milton Bradley title, "Mystery Mansion" at the age of ten. He has been doing design work for Plaid Hat Games since the very beginning, working as the lead graphic designer for 'Summoner Wars' and 'Dungeon Run', and as co-graphic designer for 'Mice and Mystics.' He even designed the company logo. Don't act like you're not impressed!

John Ariosa John Ariosa is three babies sitting on each other's shoulders under a large coat. John was trained as an industrial designer but spent all his time drawing spaceships and orcs instead of studying human factors and market research. He started his career in the game industry as an intern on Battleship Galaxies and since then has moved on to work as an illustrator on a number of titles including Summoner Wars, Dungeon Run and Mice and Mystics. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his loving wife and their herd of cats.

Issac VegaIsaac Vega (isaac@plaidhatgames.com) is a strong, proud, independent woman that don't need no man. He has an unhealthy addiction to Anime and has been black listed by Square-Enix due to his obsessive fascination with Final Fantasy. After being introduced to Plaid Hat Games, by his overly intrusive mother back in 2010, Colby has taken this budding designer under his wing and propelled Isaac into the wonderful world of board games. Although he still considers himself somewhat of a noob, Isaac just can't stop designing prototypes. With two games already well on their way to be released and a plethora of others in development, Isaac Vega is truly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Chad Hoverter Chad spent most of his early life ... well, doing nothing of any consequence. Growing up in a weird mind control cult kinda sucks the ambition right out of a body... brain... whatever. After gaining his majority and regaining (parts of) his own mind he went to college where he was once again brainwashed by another cult led by the devious but brilliant Richard Garfield! He sunk so much money into that game its truly amazing he could afford to get so fat! Food costs money, ya know!! But it wasn't all for naught. Eventually, chasing Magic cards lead Chad to a game store where he was indoctrinated into the miniature gaming community and he finally found a permanent prison..er ...home. Painting figures lead to conversions lead to the idea that maybe he could sculpt his own figures. So he tried it and finally he was free!!! Now he has sculpted two games for Plaid Hat, Dungeon Run and Mice & Mystics. He has also been lucky enough to have had figures cast with Reaper Miniatures and Armor Cast. Glory be!!!

Alex Eding Alex Eding has an extreme addiction to spotlight. If he is not the center of attention in any given situation, he is simply not happy. He also thinks he is hilarious. Alex's background in music and his "snowball's chance" hopes of forging a career as a voice over artist convinced Colby Dauch to bring him into the fold at Plaid Hat Games. Alex is the Producer and Editor of the Plaid Hat Podcast. His shining personality and "face for radio" will lend him great advancement in the field of podcast fame.

Joe Ellis Joe Ellis was born in a DOS prompt and raised by a two-dimensional array of integers. When he was discovered by scientests, he spoke no English and only communicated in binary. He stumbled along in life, lost in an endless recursive algorithm, until he discovered board games, a critical communications bridge for Joe to the human world. Eventually he traded in his native logic-based thinking for a couple liberal arts degrees, providing him with the perfect combined skill set for running the Plaid Hat Games Web site. When not playing board games or coding a new feature at PlaidHatGames.com, Joe's hobbies include hanging out with his wife and other friends, and learning new alphabets.

Brian Beyke We have no idea why Brian Beyke has a profile here. He stalks all of us on twitter, emails Colby way too many times, and started the A Doug's Guide to Summoner Wars fan podcast because he 'finally found his voice.' He talks about coffee way too much for someone who isn't, and never was, a barista, and knows where all the best geocaches in Ohio are. Nicknamed 'Geek Swagger' by Colby and his wife, Brian joins the PHG team to playtest, pitch unwanted game suggestions, and bring a touch of swag to an otherwise geeky establishment.

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